Gaza and Israel War



Can you imagine fighting a war at your front door? Homes, schools, churches, and even infrastructures have been bombed and destroyed in Gaza because of the Gaza and Israel war. Gaza has been ruled, destroyed and repopulated by more dynasties, empires, and people than they can count. In 2005, Israel unilaterally disengaged from Gaza and removed the Israeli settlers, in effect granting Gaza full political control. In 2007, Hamas took power and became the sole governing authority.

gaza_palestine_after_war_026As soon as Hama assumed control Israel came back and declared a blockade on the Strip. The blockade of the Gaza Strip means that the people of Gaza cannot transport anything into or out of Gaza by land, air, or sea. What does that mean? If their city does not make or produce grain, wheat, corn, medical supplies, building supplies, and other essential items needed to live a normal life then the entire city must go without. This blockade has been in place since 2007 and has been enforced by both of their neighbors Israel & Egypt.

Israel said that it relatively eased the blockade for non-military goods in June 2010.  Egypt reopened the Rafah border crossing in 2011 for persons and goods.

Gaza-war-001When will this seven-year war end? Several cease-fires have broken down during the 3½-week intensive fighting. They are communicating and discussing ending this war but somehow the bombing continues, somehow children are still being killed and hospitals still attacked.

Good news is Hamas rocket fire has tapered off over the last 24 hours and Israel’s ground operation in Gaza is winding down, at least for the moment.
activestillsHowever this war has killed 1,880 citizens of Gaza and 60 citizens of Israel. With those numbers being reported it appears obvious who is winning and who is losing. However, most of these deaths in Gaza are civilians. I can only think what if it was me? What if you and I had our homes, colleges, churches and even our grandmothers home bombed. Where would we go? What would we do? How would we feed ourselves if no food was coming into our entire town? How would we survive with only 3-5 hours of electricity every day?  This is what the people of Gaza are currently battling. Our prayers are with each family and person affected by this war on both sides. We are praying for peace!! What are your thoughts?



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