Homeless College Student Fred Barley, Finally Gains Access To 184K GoFundMe


It appears that Fred Barley’s attorney and Casey Blaney’s attorney have come to a mutual agreement regarding the $184,000 raised through GoFundMe.

Early July, Fred was found sleeping in a tent outside Gordon State. He told police officers who discovered him that he rode his little brother’s bicycle for more than 6 hours from Conyers to register for college classes.

The officers put Barley up in a motel, and word quickly spread of the teen’s story on social media. That’s when Casey decided to start the GoFundMe page and planned for the money to go into an educational trust. The debate began when discussions of who would manage the trust arose.  Then allegations questioning the validation of Fred’s story begin to circulate. That’s when GoFundMe stepped in and froze everything that had been donated $184,000.

More than 16,000 signatures were collected on a change.org  petition urging the teen’s funds be released.  Well, I think all debate has been settled GoFundMe released the funds. Fred wrote contact with Wright Gammon, Mrs. Blaney’s attorney, and has come to terms so both parties are happy,”

“I will be allowed to put it into a trust that covers both living expenses and help with my tuition.”




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