Hampton Joins The Big South !!


Effective July 2018 Hampton University will be leaving the MEAC to Join The Big South!

Hampton University President William R. Harvey announced on Nov. 16 that the Pirates were ending a 22-year relationship with the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) to join the Big South in July 2018.

Institutions in the Big South are located in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, which means our student athletes will spend less time traveling and more time in classes, This keeps the proper focus on athletes, which is our chief reason for being. The smaller geographic footprint will also reduce travel expenses. Another important consideration is the large number of alumni located in the Big South region.” Dr. Harvey

With the change, HU becomes the second HBCU aligning itself with a NCAA Division I majority-white conference. Tennessee State University has been a member of the Ohio Valley Conference since 1986. All other Division I HBCUs are members of either MEAC or the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC).

The Big South competes on the NCAA Division I level in all sports except for football, in which it plays on the FCS level, which is the same level as MEAC. Big South basketball and football teams have had slightly higher power ratings than MEAC in recent years.

This biggest question with this announcement are:

1. Will Hampton keep its rivalry HBCU Games?

2. Should VSU consider Joining the MEAC?

3. Is Hampton abandoning HBCUs for financial gain?

What are your thoughts and opinions on this matter?


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