What Happened To The Term Ebonics?

In the late 80’s – 90’s the term ebonics and its reference to African Americans was widely discussed. How did they even create this term “ebonics”? Well, it’s a  blend of the words ebony and phonics. Crazy right! 

The term was originally intended to refer to the language of all people descended from enslaved Black Africans. The term Ebonics has primarily been used to refer to the sociolect African American Vernacular English(AAVE), a dialect distinctively different from Standard American English. Cited from Wikipedia

So what happened to this African American Vernacular English? The world stopped calling it ebonics. Social media helped expose and legitimize each slang term. And it became profitable on some level to be in the know. Everyone want’s to know what the “kids are saying these days.”

Then & Now

We have come a long way.. What's missing from the list? #thenandnow

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What happen next

Million dollar companies and brands began using the latest “ebonics” terms to market and sell to the world. We talk about appropriation a lot in today’s times. Is this just another example of appropriation?

First using ebonics was considered a “bad thing” “less than the status quo”  and now in 2016 “it’s ok because we all do it.” The term ebonics which gave clear and direct ownership of “slang” to the African American community is no longer used or discussed in mainstream media ever wonder why? Share your thoughts below.

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