HBCU Caucus Launch Today

Starting today there is a HBCU Caucus. Thanks to new Black Caucus member Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC) and Alabama Republican Bradley Byrne, there will be a Congressional Caucus focused on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The HBCU Caucus already has 28 members. That number is certain to get much larger.

The need to focus specific attention on issues impacting HBCUs comes at an important and crucial time. The Obama Administration has made several moves and changes that negatively affected HBCUs. Currently to many of our institutions are fighting for survival.

A list of issues regarding HBCUs during the Obama Administration to date:

1. The 2012 cut of Summer Pell Grants.
2. Cutting $80 million from HBCU funding in 2009 that then had to be replaced by House Democrats led by Education Committee Chair George Miller.
3. The 2011 Parent PLUS Loan change that cost HBCUs over $150 million collectively and interrupted the educations of over 25,000 HBCU students.
4. President Obama’s plan to grant two years of free community college.
5.  At a February meeting with President Obama, the President reportedly informed members he wasn’t interested in assisting HBCUs, citing low graduation rates.

Get involved and support you HBCU financially. If we don’t no one will.


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