HBCU Presidents and Leaders Meet At The Capitol Hill For the First HBCU STEAM Day of Action.

HBCU Presidents and Leaders Meet At The Capitol Hill For the First HBCU STEAM Day of Action.

Tuesday’s gathering connected HBCU and tech industry leaders with members of Congress to amplify the conversation around diversifying the workforce and ensuring that HBCUs receive the funding and resources needed to sustain their institutions and provide quality academic experiences and professional training for students.

“The Bipartisan HBCU Caucus is working hard to address the inequities facing HBCUs. We’ve made progress, but Congress cannot do it alone,” said Rep. Alma S. Adams, co-chair of the caucus. “Leveling the playing field for our schools and our students requires a collective approach to ensure HBCUs have access to the same federal resources and private-sector opportunities as their peer institutions.”

The STEAM Day of Action provided an opportunity for HBCU and tech leaders to meet with the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, House Education and Workforce Committee, House Agriculture Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee on issues related to STEM initiatives, resources for land-grant universities, reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and more.

Veronica Nelson, executive director at Advancing Minorities’ Interest in Engineering, noted that company retention efforts and summer bridge programs are critical for making sure that HBCU students have access to work in STEM sectors. She also said that it is essential for HBCU leaders to seek out partnerships with the right companies and organizations that align with their needs and strengths.

Dr. Larry Robinson, president of Florida A&M University, said companies and organizations should seek a “collaborative approach” to working with HBCUs as opposed to a top-down approach that assumes that outside executives know what HBCUs need. Read full article at Diverseeducation.com

Written by Tiffany Pennamon can be reached at tiffany@diverseeducation.com. You can follow her on Twitter @tiffanypennamon

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