HBCUs Breaking Ground At Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College opened their campus to HBCUs with their first HBCU fair October 21st. This event, hosted in ECC’s Jobe Lounge, showcased multiple schools and organizations providing students with a chance to learn about what exactly an HBCU represents and what these institutions could offer students in comparison to other institutions.

“One of the main benefits of attending an HBCU school is the personal one on one time with professors and other students because of the smaller sizes of the schools,” said Latisha Williams, a representative of Morgan State University.”

HBCU’s are schools that were founded to provide educational opportunities specifically geared towards African-Americans. African-Americans were given very limited educational options due to the country’s extreme case segregation and racism. These schools have historically had mainly black student bodies but have always been open for people of any race to attend.

That’s the beauty in attending an HBCU in my opinion, HBCUs are diverse and rich in culture. The bond, networks, and experiences one gets from an HBCUs are incomparable to that of any other institution.

With this being the first time many of these schools have ever visited the campus, representatives took the opportunity to educate interested students not only on the individual schools they represent but also on why they should attend an HBCU institution in general.

“I want students to learn that there is a lot that all these schools have to offer and that there are people who look like them and to see where these schools have taken them in life,” said Ariel Dotts, a representative of Spelman College.

Along with the college representatives, a panel discussion was held at the fair. This panel allowed students to ask questions to HBCU alumni and listen to their personal experiences.
Many students attended the fair and used the opportunity to learn about some options that they have available that they might not have known about beforehand.

The event was in part organized by the ECC student lead club, Black Student Achievers, and Brittany Jones, Student Life Coordinator for Targeted Populations.
“The fair gave people a broader horizon on different schools that are out there rather than focusing on the main “D1 type” of schools,” said a member of Black Student Achievers, Tahj Davis.


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