Hillary Clinton’s Proposal to Benefit College Students & Entrepreneurs

Hillary Clinton, democratic presidential candidate, has released a proposal that could be very beneficial to college students. This plan could greatly improve the advancements of our country and increase jobs for many Americans. On June 28, in Denver, Colo., Clinton spoke of a plan that would allow entrepreneurs, startup founders, and even their early employees to defer payments on their student loan debt. For the first 3 years of the business, students would be allowed to postpone these payments without building interest.

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Hilary Clinton’s proposal will benefit college students and future entrepreneurs in many different ways. Having a 3 year time frame gives any potential business owner a chance to start fresh. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to build a brand without the additional worries that come along with student loans. The time serves as a grace period and a chance for students to follow their dreams.

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This plan gives students the freedom to expand not only their business, but also expand the technology of the world.

Overall, the new proposal from Clinton can be very helpful for students. It could give college students the extra encouragement that they need to start a business. New businesses equate to new jobs and new innovations.  This proposal could be the beginning of a new wave of technology.

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