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Homecoming is in the air as many high schools and colleges are either in the midst of homecoming season or just beginning. Homecoming is a tradition that traces all the way back to the 19th century. This tradition usually takes place between September and October. The activities surrounding homecoming vary widely. Some homecoming last for a few days and others for an entire week.

In High School, homecoming is more of a dance following a football game. This American tradition has evolved over time as people bring their best dress out. “My homecoming was great. I looked forward to the dance, seeing my friends dressed up, and having a break from the school’s stress” stated Milly, a high school Junior.

In college, homecoming is on such a bigger scale. At an HBCU, the scale increases even more. Homecoming is only comparable with the largest of family reunions. The bands are immaculate, the games are intense, and the parades block miles and miles of streets off. The week consists of parties, networking events, and alumni and student interaction. Individuals travel all across the world for homecoming games and concerts and fellowship with those they haven’t seen in years.


Homecoming generates so much revenue for colleges and schools throughout the years because it is literally on the list of times that you will never forget, To all our homecoming fans, be safe and enjoy a great homecoming 2017!

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