How Not To Go Broke In College


Who wants to be broke in college? I can answer that question. No one. Especially when its so hard to save money when you aren’t making any money. Making money doesn’t always require a job for those students who don’t have reliable transportation getting to work. Let me help some of you college students out by informing you on ways not to broke in college. 

Form a salon/barbershop in your room. At every school, everyone and their mama knows how to do hair.  Whether you’re a female who wants to get extensions,  flat ironed, curled, etc. there is someone on your  campus who knows how to do it. And fellas as well,  there is someone on campus who knows how to cut  hair. If you’re one of those people who knows how to do  hair, cut  hair, then make that money baby. You  must  remember that if  you are not a licensed  hairstylist/barber you will need to have  affordable/reasonable prices.

Apply for work study. Talk to your financial aid counselor and see if you are eligible to do work study. You could work in the dining hall, administrative or academic buildings.

Visit the career service center. Most campuses have a career service center where they advertise jobs near or on campus and also paid internships. Take advantage of  the career center and see if there is an opportunity waiting for you.

Be an RA. If you’re good with people and can deal with problems, then this my friend is the perfect job for you. All I have to say is that if you become one, good luck to you.

booksSell old textbooks. GET RID OF THEM. There are going to be students who will need them and may not be able to afford them at the bookstore. So help someone out by selling your textbooks to them.





Become a tutor. Everyone student has a class they struggle in, well most.. Offer your services as a tutor in a subject you do really well in. Even if you are attracted to the person you are tutoring or if they are a friend, make them pay. Lol. You’re making time to help someone out so the least they can do is pay you as in cash. Ca ching ca ching.

Get paid for taking notes. There are some classes that not all students can be present in. Whether they are sick or simply just don’t want to go to class, you can help them by exchanging notes for cash.

Scholarships. APPLY, APPLY, APPLY. Even if it’s only for $100, apply!!!!!!

Make food plates. People who go to school out of state like myself miss home cooked meals. If you know how to cook well, then put your cooking skills to the test, make food plates, and sell them.

Okay now these are for people who live off campus:


Babysit. There are parents who need extra help with their kids. Maybe they work late hours, are a single parent, etc. You can watch their kids when they need you and make easy money. Who doesn’t love kids? They’re so adorable, well… sometimes, lol. But for the most part it’s fun!

Pet sit. If you’re not a people person, then maybe you’ll have fun sitting a pet instead of a child.

House sit. This is probably the easiest job on the planet cause you literally have nothing to do but sit there and look at the walls in the house. If it’s okay with the house owners, you can see if you can invite a couple of friends over to “hang out” meaning throw a party… just kidding, but really not… Get paid to have fun in someone else’s house lol

After school programs. Schools and recreation centers who offer after school programs for students are always looking for teenagers/young adults to help out with the kids. Try YMCA or the Boys and Girls Club.

Use your car as your advantage. Apply for jobs that need someone to make deliveries for them; mostly pizza places or newspaper. You can also help students who don’t own a vehicle by offering them a ride to the grocery store, airport, mall, etc for an exchange of money. And then there’s also Uber! Sign up it free!

Work retail. Retail isn’t for everyone but if you’re people friendly and don’t mind picking up after people then this is the perfect job for you. You also get discounts on store items so that’s a bonus.

Be a server/Host. Easy, quick money if you’re good at your job!

Bartend. This probably has to be one of the coolest jobs ever. You’re either at a club, restaurant, or event mixing drinks and socializing with people the whole time. What could get better than that?

Party promoter. Every college student knows about party promoters and one word that describes most of them is annoying. But don’t be the annoying party promoter. Be the cool one who doesn’t flood people’s timeline on social media about the “hottest party”.

You’re welcome.

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