How To Explore African American History In Your Own Backyard

The National Park Service serves as a place of healing and expression, which is why every African American should make it a priority to visit national parks not just for scenic sanity but for history lessons as well. African Americans aren’t present enough when it comes to preserving and protecting our own lands and history. Well known places that are owned and governed by the National Park Service are the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial built in  2011 near the Lincoln memorial in Washington, D.C. , & the Frederick Douglas National Historical Site where Douglas’s home still stands that holds his books and letters thanks to the preservation by the National Park  Service. Out of 413 National Parks, over 30 sites are dedicated to African American history. Here are a few possibly behind your back yard across the United States:




Next road to trip to one of these cities I challenge you to add a little history to your agenda.


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