How To Pick A Major?

What do you want to do for the rest of your life? It seems like a pretty easy question to answer, considering the fact that most of us knew what we wanted to be when were younger. In the case that you’re passionate about more than one thing and don’t necessarily know which path to go down, deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life may not be an easy answer.

When I was younger I just knew that my purpose is to help others get through certain struggles/obstacles in life. Naturally, I thought about becoming a psychologist (This was not my major, however, I can still become a psychologist). With anything that you want to get into you should do research, talk to people in that particular field and come up with your own conclusions as to whether you can see yourself doing that for the rest of your life or not. I wanted to step into Forensic Psychology because of Law and Order SVU, it may seem crazy to some but Forensic Psychology is something that I find interesting. There is a difference in doing something that you find interesting and doing something you’re passionate about!

It wasn’t until my Junior year of High School that I actually sat down and realized what I was passionate about which is what I majored in. As a student-athlete the most important person in my life besides family was my Athletic Trainer, when I got injured (Knee Injury) I Spent a lot of time with Mr. Tim and Dr. Rainbow (Athletic Trainer/Mentors) rather letting them do their job I took the initiative on most of my physical therapy because I wanted to learn how to do what they’ve been doing for years. It’s not odd for an injury or a sudden change to spark a passion, it’s what you do during and after to fuel that passion that produces a great outcome. After my rehabilitation was over I stayed in the Athletic Training room, I researched internships, I made sure the University I chose carried my program, also throughout being in my program I loosely planned what I wanted to do with my degree.

I aspire to open my own rehabilitation facility that offers a multitude of therapeutic programs from physical therapy to psychological therapy healing the body in its entirety. I say all of this to say that picking a major is ultimately your decision, consulting others for their opinion may help you discover what you’re passionate about but it falls on you to see your passions through and make them your reality. Major in something that fills your heart and life with joy even through the challenges (There will be challenges because nothing comes easy). You’ll never know what you’ll like or what you’re good at until you try it, there is no rule against changing you major although you should be mindful of your University’s policies about changing majors and dropping classes etc. make sure you keep in constant contact with your advisor and mentors to keep you grounded and focused.

I asked a few of my Snapchat and twitter follower how they did what to major in and here are their responses:


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