The Reminds Us Of Our Statues Honoring Our Legacy On HBCU Campuses

Across the country monuments and memorials created to honor leaders of the Confederacy have finally begun to come down.  In the wake of Charlottesville, more legislators are speaking out against honoring men who took up arms against the United States and cities and colleges have begun to act.  There are some who feel that ‘history’ is being ‘erased’ by removing these monuments; the President lamented removing the ‘beautiful’ symbols and tweeted they would be “greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!”  Well, there are already many monuments worthy of serving as tributes to those who actually worked to better America.  For more than a century Historically Black Colleges and Universities have been home to monuments and statues that represent what is best about this nation, those values that truly unite: freedom, hope, and education. The Hundred-Seven has published a listing of memorials, statues, and monuments on HBCU campuses that serve as a true reminder of the strengths of the United States of America.



There are so many more!!! Check out the entire list here:

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