#HurtBae: Woman Confronts Cheating Ex

Last Tuesday, The Scene posted a video of an ex-couple having an interview style conversation, that went viral! Twitter dubbed Kourtney (girl in the video) #HurtBae.

Many people have been wondering if the video was real or if these two (Kourtney and Leo) are actors, it’s real the actual conversation lasts an hour and a half but due to editing, it was condensed into 6 minutes.

During those 6 minutes Kourtney asked Leo, why did he cheat, how many times and also they each told a little bit of a back story on how they met and what changed in the relationship. To me personally, I looked at the video as her receiving the closure most people don’t get but long for after a relationship. It wasn’t until I sat and processed the entire conversation, that I felt like they both could have gone about the relationship a different way.

For example, when Leo said things changed, meaning the vibe of the relationship and trust, he could have sat with Kourtney and told her “hey, things are changing and not for the better either we go out separate ways or agree to work on us”.
Same with Kourtney if she felt abandoned, the trust wasn’t there and hurt by his actions, she should have communicated those issues to him before the day they filmed.

Which bring me to the question that’s going around social media, Was she Stupid for staying with Leo knowing that he cheated and didn’t respect her enough to end the relationship?

In my opinion, I personally feel like because she viewed him as her best friend plus spending so much time together, subconsciously she was willing to put up with whatever just to so she wouldn’t have to start over with someone else. It’s never okay to compromise your wants, needs, and feelings for someone who doesn’t deserve or respect you enough to not blatantly disrespect you then ask for you to stay in their lives. I don’t think she’s “dumb” as an overall person because she knew very well what was going on and decided to stay which was indeed a dumb decision.

You must love yourself, learn what you need from someone, and not be so willing to compromise your feelings by accepting the love someone wants to give you versus demanding the love you deserve.

*They were Compensated for being so open but you would have to pay me as well for putting my relationship issues on front street*


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