I Aint Your Uncle Tom

With the new president in office, there has been an increase of many African-Americans being called “Uncle Tom’s.” We saw one of our favorite TV show hosts, Steve Harvey, posing with Mr. Trump and now he has resorted to fixing his image. Chrisette Michele is another black celebrity who was a reference as a sellout after agreeing to perform at Trump’s inauguration.  Quest Love shared his opinion after hearing Chrisette’s decision even to say they would pay her not to sing for Trump. She took to social media to try to explain her decision, but it did not help her fans expressing disgust over her decision. Do we really know what it means to be an Uncle Tom? In the black community, we look upon our own when they try to make the White people feel comfortable around Black people.



If you look in the Urban Dictionary, the definition of an Uncle Tom is “A black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with “the white man” including betraying his own people.” I understand we are hurt to see our favorite Black celebrities in any way associated with Trump, but right now we need to unite our own people. We need to find our voice like Martin, show some positive action like Malcolm and make a change like Barack.


– Amber Peters

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Amber Peters is a current MBA candidate and full-time Accountant. She is a proud Alumna of Texas Southern University. “Faith without work means nothing”


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