Ice Cube Checks Bill Maher On His Use OF The N-Word


I guess The Real Time host Bill Maher though he was just “keeping it real” last week while interviewing Republican Senator Ben Hasse while over a discussion about adults dressing up for Halloween when he claimed to be a “house nigga”  after Hasse expressed an interest in Maher coming to Nebraska to “work in the fields”.

Bill doesn’t seem to be an ignorant man, *inserts sarcasm* since clearly, he has an interest in history, but he was definitely a dumb ass with this statement or as Charlamagne like to call people who publicly portray their stupidity, The Donkey of the day. Bill claims to mean no harm with his “joke” claiming that he seized an open comedic moment by referring to the controversial slavery topic: House slaves and Field Slaves, but quite frankly it wasn’t funny and it was tasteless.

Since the incident many have had some heartfelt words to say including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Wayne Brady,  and Don Lemon, just to name a few, but take a look at what happens when Ice Cube came to serve Mr. Maher some knowledge on his own show:


Here’s what others had to say:


Many celebrities pride themselves on being blunt and controversial and simple just saying whatever they want to say, but natural and not induced incidents like these show us the character of a person and how to never underestimate one’s stupidity. The N word and the use of the n-word will always be a controversial topic, but as Ice Cube and other have done by talking about it and educating the ignorant, we are keeping its history alive as we should.

So in closing, to my fellow black brothers and sisters remember who you are and where you came from taking every ignorant encounter you may have regarding to race as an opportunity to inform, and while you give out “black cards” or “invites” to the cookout remember they are not us, but they want to be us so don’t tread lightly and don’t brush things off and allow stuff like this to happen in private, because I’m sure this isn’t the first time Maher used to n-word so naturally in a conversation and to white America, you sure did go hard over Kathy Griffin’s joke, where’s the same respect for us?

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