Inspirational “Luke Cage” – A Bulletproof Future


[Tweet “We create our own meaning, our own destiny. The past, have been nothing but what others want from us, but the future. The future is a color not known to man, it’s a beacon in the name of peace not described to us before. Independence, true independence.”]

The bulletproof man with a hoodie filled with the holes of our past. That’s how people describe it these days. Let’s blast through the “Luke Cage” series, slowly connecting the dots while most of us even learn more of our heritage in the process. There is no comparison in how beautiful, how graciously delivered this series was.


Luke Cage, described the drama over the original story Harlem brought with it. The rise and fall of a lot of people who believed their ideals were right for the city, or wanted power to shape it into something completely different.

It also showcased how the justice system and how fear of it, worked. How the media hungers for a villain faster than they ask for a hero and how quickly a hero can be thrown to villain when they don’t meet their ideals.

Though fiction, it has been a while since we’ve encountered such a mirror for ourselves, for society and for the system we’ve all allowed to exist as it is. The election has brought a new kind of fear for the black community and we need heroes, who are willing to take on a role that sticks and destroys the crippling fear that everything we’ve worked for is about to  be unravelled.


[Tweet “The past has crippled us, made us weak for too long to remember what it’s like to be strong. To be whole.”]

We need to ask the hard questions. Even in the face of the tired old debate/racist comments “playing the race card”, “always playing victim”, “bringing up slavery”, “creating racism”. That’s why a bulletproof, black, built man in a hoodie is so important. It’s representation of the need to heal the justice system. 

It’s been a safe space for other people to antagonize black people for far too long and this show, this hero, is trying to prove hero’s can and do rise up to the occasion. Even if most don’t consider him a hero, it’s because of him that the truth is cast into the light. He shed a light on the issues we face as a community, about how broken we are and that it might be long and hard, but the road will lead to a permanent fix.


[Tweet “I believe that shows like “Luke Cage”, inspire us to seek within ourselves, to become our own heroes. To paint a future in which we find ourselves comfortable. To become bulletproof from our past experiences and the people who want to drown us in it.”]


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