Ithaca College students Vote No Confidence In President Tom Rochon

72% of Ithaca College Students who voted cast a vote of “no confidence in their President Tom Rochon

Tom Rochon2For everyone who thinks their student government association doesn’t have power. I say look at what the SGA at Ithaca did. You student body and SGA has as much power as you give it.

This all stemmed from protest over the racial climate on campus. In November the students performed a die-in.students-at-another-college-are-protesting-racism-and-calling-for-their-presidents-resignation

According to the poll results, 744 respondents were either African, Latino, Asian or Native American students, and 86.83 percent voted no confidence. Additionally, 2,741 white students voted, and 67.71 percent of them voted no confidence.

Dominick Recckio, Student Government Association president, told The Ithacan that the results speak volumes.

“If 70 percent of the people that you are supposed to lead don’t believe in you, it’s time to go, and it’s time to go fast,” he says.

Faculty are also holding a vote of no confidence, which opened Nov. 30 and closes Dec. 11, The Ithacan adds.

Ithaca College released the following statement in response to the student vote:

The Board of Trustees has begun a process of talking with members of the Ithaca College community about their thoughts and concerns, and President Rochon respects and supports that process. In the meantime, he remains focused on doing everything he can to support efforts to create a more welcoming and inclusive community for everyone.

Ithaca College Board of Trustees chairman Tom Grape and David Lissy, vice chairman, also released a joint statement in light of the vote. They say that the confidence votes are a way for students and faculty to make their views known. I wonder if the football team and all the other athletics refused to play “affected their pocket” if the Tom Rochon would be let go immediately.


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