Jada Speaks Out Against #JadaPose


Our hearts go out to the 16-year-old Houstonian, going by the name Jada, who appeared on KHOU talking about her rape. She was drugged and raped by people she thought were her friends, and then pictures from that night went viral on social media. 

She did not know she had possibly been sexually assaulted until pictures of her half-naked and passed out surfaced on social media.  Houston police are investigating the case. Unfortunately that image inspired an awful Twitter hashtag, #jadapose.

The question many are asking is Social Media to blame? That reminds me of another question. Do guns kill people? or Do people kill people? Both are willed by the masses and are very powerful tools, with the ability to do server damage.


However, it also appears that social media is speaking out against #jadapose. Jada supporters have been denouncing the tom foolery and offering emotional support to Jada for speaking out.

In her interview she said she decided to show her face on TV because social media had exposed her and tried to define her as less than who she was. “There’s no point in hiding,” she explained in the interview. “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.”

Our society has become desensitized so much that many of us can look at an image that is wrong, bad, disgusting, illegal or sad and not have the capability to identify it as such, they merely see comedy. Or even sadder just see another meme!!!

Jada decided she would take her power back by speaking out. It’s much harder to marginalize or even demonize an alleged sexual assault victim who makes you acknowledge her humanity. She is a strong young woman who did nothing wrong and deserves better.

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