January Is Human Trafficking Prevention Month: Ways to Prevent Human Trafficking

January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Human trafficking is defined as a serious crime that violates human rights. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), 79% sexual exploitation was noted as by far the most commonly identified form of human trafficking whereas the remainder 18% followed by forced labor.

What can you do to help prevent human slavery?

1.) Educate yourself and others

Human trafficking isn’t discussed enough on college campuses, religious groups, and local community organizations. Educate your peers at your next brunch date, community engagement meeting or your next student council meeting.

2.) Raise awareness

Hang anti-trafficking posters around your community or college campus. This is raising awareness and get others talking about the topic. Seek advice on how to start a local community group to help raise awareness on your college campus. As an SGA member, you have the power and autonomy to help gather groups to speak at your institution.

3.) Put your efforts into action

Put pressure on your local and state legislators on how they are working to prevent human trafficking and preserve human rights. Call your local representative it matters.


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