Jasmine Mans Speaks The Words Most Of Black America Is Thinking About Kanye, Poem Footnotes For Kanye


In the wake of all of these out-of-pocket Kanye Tweets we felt like we all needed to hear Poet Jasmine Mans Poem Footnotes For Kanye

You look hungry
Like that girl don’t make you no fried chicken or macaroni & cheese
Like she don’t feel you on the inside
Like you haven’t had a home cooked meal since your mama died
You look like you lost the song in your own song
Like you want to talk to God, but you’re afraid because y’all ain’t spoke in so long
Do you tell your daughter about me?
How we were bittersweet
To never mess with entertainers because they always leave
That he’ll get on and he’ll leave your ass for a White girl
And he’ll give her your style
Your language
Your waist
Damn near try to give her your face
And somewhere in this post-traumatic twisted fantasy
He’ll make it all okay but
What’s the worth in loving a man who’s lost his smile anyway

When Kim fucks up the lyrics of the College Dropout
Like them White folks used to fuck up your name
Do you pretend not to notice?

Do you regret the Marilyn Monroe in your decision
And wish that you could’ve taken Billie Holiday as your bride
Do you ever want to run back to your wedding day and have it all over on the south side
Do you wake up in the middle of the night and just think that she wasn’t the right girl
Like you should’ve found one of them “I like art” type girls

Can you hear all the Black kids calling your name
Wondering why the boy who rapped about his mama getting arrested for the sit-ins didn’t sit in
Why he traded in his Nat Turner for Ralph Lauren

Do you know how many kids at the protests had your sneakers on?
None of them.
Do you know how many of your songs were played at the protests?
All of them.

Do you hear all of the lights
The flashing lights
The new slaves
The runaways on their road to redemption waiting for Malcolm West to have the whole world at attention.

Nigga, they got you quiet
Like how come only at award shows, he riots?
Maybe Yeezus was all talk
Jesus never needed Adidas to walk
Why is he outlining sneakers when the south side is outlined in chalk?

Can someone, can someone go and find the man who can make a diamond with his own bare hands
We are looking for you
Because these kids still wanna be just like you
They wanna rap and make soul beats
Just like you
Even though you just not you
Even though you traded in your spaceship to buy back your forty acres and a mule
Purchased the plantation and master’s daughters, too

Nigga, why you got these White folks claiming you?
Like they built you
Like they made you
Like they polished you
Like they readied them a good nigga for the picking
Like they got you for sale

Oh, how they love Kanye
Let’s put him on front of the store
Like you’re their Black boy
You forgot you Black, boy?
They got you lost in this world
You getting blackmailed for that White girl

You don’t see how your lies is affecting me?
You don’t see how our lives was supposed to be?

And I never let a nigga get that close to me
And you ain’t cracked up to what you was supposed to be

I guess it’s bittersweet poetry

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