Keenan Morgan Texas Southern University Alum Creates “If It Ain’t Broke: Black Folks and Family Structure”

Shedding light on one of the most influential topics in the African-American community, Keenan Morgan hopes that people discover the connection between family structure and the dynamics of our community and world. It is also his desire for people to strive for greatness despite their upbringing.

Morgan, who earned his degree from Texas Southern University created If It Ain’t Broke: Black Folks and Family Structure to uplift, encourage and remind individuals that no matter your background you too can succeed.

Morgan’s film touched on topics such as the Willie Lynch Letter, which he believes is still being exemplified today.

“The Willie Lynch letter attempted to change the natural order of a people through the physical and psychological dehumanization of that people, which was further enforced by the law of the United States of America,” said Morgan.

If you’re not familiar with the letter it speaks about putting together a system that controls slaves, while instilling anxiety, doubt, hatred, and jealousy amongst other things in them to make blacks turn on one another.  Morgan felt this topic was important and should be an eye opener to the culture.

“This is where our moral foundations are instilled and our ideological views are shaped. The family structure could arguably be the most powerful influence in a person’s life,” Morgan expressed.

No one person’s household is the same and everyone’s background is different, but in the end, we all have the same opportunities in life. It’s up to you to make a difference and to not fall victim to a statistic.

When asked does he think the presence of both parents being in the household determine the outcome of the child, Morgan replied.

“No, I don’t think the presence of both parents determines the outcome of the child. I think it effects the outcome of the child. These effects have been centered on various studies which could include the rising number of unwed births, the school to prison pipeline and the percentage of single-parent homes with children under 18 to name a few.”

We all know as it relates to a child’s upbringing society tend to play its own role. It could be what they watch on TV or something they heard on the radio.

Morgan stated, “Society does have an impact on shaping our worldview. In the film, Mr. Darryl White stated that we do not live independently and alone. We are connected through our families, our communities, our cities, and our nation. We all have a responsibility. I would celebrate the person who honestly cares enough about my children to correct them when they are wrong.”

If It Ain’t Broke: Black Folks and Family Structure is available at

Morgan wants to encourage you all to be great, greater than before. Morgan continues to spread his views in the world of media arts as an entrepreneur and speaker who believes he is one of the most relatable people you will ever meet. Morgan strongly trusts that regardless of your socioeconomic background you have the opportunity to transform, but commitment is necessary.

He leaves you in the words of the late great Heavy D, I got nothing, but love for you baby!

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