Knoxville College Canceling Fall Semester Due To 11 Student Enrollment

A struggling historically black college (HBCU) has suspended all of its classes for the upcoming semester. As of this semester, Knoxville’s enrollment was reportedly only 11 students.

Knoxville College — founded in 1875 in Knoxville, Tennessee — plans to use the fall 2015 semester to reorganize, after the Tennessee Higher Education Commission recommended suspending the school’s authorization to operate. The school has struggled for years and after losing its accreditation in 1997, enrollment has continued to plummet.

In recent years, many of the buildings have been shuttered as the college is unable to maintain them.

Shards of broken glass and long abandoned classrooms are all that’s left in many of the Knoxville College buildings.

McKee Hall — a main campus building that was home to Knoxville’s administration — has been ruled “not safe for occupancy and  hazardous chemicals are posing a public safety risk in the campus’s vacant science building.

HBCU Alumni, lets remember to give back and support all of our Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


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