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CHRONOLOGY OF COVERAGE (New York Times)climate-change_polar-bear-on-iceOCT. 13, 2014
“Climate change will affect the Department of Defense’s ability to defend the Nation and poses immediate risks to U.S. national security,” the report says. Hagel said that rising sea levels could flood coastal military bases in the U.S. and around the world, while droughts, wildfires and more extreme temperatures could threaten military training activities. “Our supply chains could be impacted, and we will need to ensure our critical equipment works under more extreme weather conditions,” Hagel said.
OCT. 7, 2014
Study in journal Nature Climate Change concludes that scientists have significantly underestimated how much world’s oceans have warmed since 1970s, and that amount of heat absorbed by ocean from 1970 to mid-2000s may be as much as 58 percent higher than previously thought.
OCT. 4, 2014
Gail Collins Op-Ed column lambasts politicians in states most threatened by climate change, such as Louisiana, Alaska and Florida, who nonetheless deny its validity and human role in bringing it about; says political climate discourages any Republican from acknowledging that human beings have anything to do with climate change.
SEP. 30, 2014
Five groups of researchers say savage heat waves that struck Australia in 2013 were almost certainly a direct consequence of greenhouse gases released by human activity; it is perhaps the most definitive statement climate scientists have made tying a specific weather event to global warming.
SEP. 30, 2014
National Research Council report finds that climate change is likely to be especially harsh on barrier islands lining Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, from Cape Cod to Mexican Border; report calls for regional or even national approach to managing coastal hazards.
SEP. 28, 2014
News analysis; United States is missing from World Bank declaration calling on all nations to enact laws forcing industries to pay for carbon emissions that scientists say are the leading cause of global warming; declaration, signed by 74 countries and more than 1,000 businesses, notes that governments can either directly tax carbon pollution or create market-based cap-and-trade systems, which force companies to buy government-issued pollution.
SEP. 28, 2014
Editorial assesses impact of Climate Week, summit meeting on global warming convened by United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon; contends demonstrations during Climate Week suggest that a growing bottom-up movement for change may be emerging.
SEP. 25, 2014
Gail Collins Op-Ed column lambasted Congressional Republicans for refusing to acknowledge humanity’s part in causing global warming, situation backed up by many scientific studies; laments lack of cooperation between parties in addressing most basic environmental issue possible.
SEP. 24, 2014
President Obama challenges China to make effort to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions and join worldwide campaign to curb global warming; Obama’s remarks, delivered in packed chamber of United Nations General Assembly, are broadly aimed at marshaling more than 100 world leaders to confront climate change.
SEP. 24, 2014
Eduardo Porter Economic Scene column notes that advocates at United Nations climate summit say that cost of curbing carbon emissions may be considerably cheaper than earlier estimates had suggested; contends that for all the fears that climate change mitigation will put the brakes on economic growth, it might actually enhance it; discusses benefits of curbing emissions.
SEP. 24, 2014
Some of world’s largest companies, with political efforts to slow global warming moving at slow pace, are stepping into the void, declaring more support for renewable energy, greener supply chains and fresh efforts to stop destruction of world’s tropical forests; forty companies sign declaration pledging to help cut tropical deforestation in half by 2020 and stop it entirely by 2030.
SEP. 23, 2014
National Snow and Ice Data Center reports ice in Arctic waters shrank over the summer to sixth-lowest level in 26 years of monitoring.

SEP. 15, 2014

The People’s Climate Train picked up activists and concerned citizens in Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago and more, before arriving in NYC on Thursday the 18th. Along the way they had teach-ins, trainings, mixers, and movement-building workshops. The train was bound from the SF Bay Area to New York City on September 15 for the People’s Climate March which happen on September 21st, it was the largest demonstration ever to demand action on climate change.

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