Latino Students May Help Keep HBCU Doors Open

In places where the Latino population is increasing, it is not unlikely to notice that Latinos are the minorities keeping HBCU’s alive. These minorities are upon many who are actually being recruited by Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Being that most of these institutions are fighting to keep their doors open, due to a lack of enrollment. Other minorities are to blame for their recent success.

Texas Southern’s enrollment of Latino pupils has doubled in the past six years and is projected to double once again. HBCU’s are remaining majority black institutions, but at least 25% of these schools have reported a constantly growing population of non-black pupils. The same universities that were once fighting to educate the African-American race are fighting to continue that tradition.

Enrollment of African-American students at HBCU’s is collapsing. Being that these public institutions are financially struggling in comparison to the average Predominantly White Institution, it is harder for these schools to survive. It is a constant battle for these colleges to provide for and educate students who have little to no opportunity of receiving higher education while yet affording to flourish while steadily inheriting budget cuts.

It is not only up to the state and its legislators to continually support funding HBCU’s while encouraging enrollment, it is also up to alumni and professors to give back to their alma maters while reassuring the next generation that a Historically Black College or University may just change their life.

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