Life After College Can Be Hard, But Hang In There!

As I logged into Facebook today reality hit me. Logging on I saw a memory at the beginning of my timeline and it was a photo that I took with my iPhone right before taking my professional cap and gown pictures. I immediately began to cry, here it is almost three years after graduating college and I am still unemployed and unhappy. It was as if everything hit me at that very moment looking down at that picture.

Some of us struggle with going away to college, we don’t always adjust to the move and being so far away from home. I was one of those people. From the very first day of college up until the end, I lost seven family members due to violence back home in Detroit. I was scared of what could happen next and I wanted to be with my family before something else happened while I was away. I struggled with enjoying what was supposed to the best years of my life and I regret that so much. While most of my friends hung out on the weekends I stayed home and waited patiently for graduation day so that I could go back home with my family.

While in college we all think that life after graduation will bring us tons of money and the job that we love waking up and going to every day. However, that may not always be the case. I am a living testimony. Since graduating almost three years ago I’ve only worked two jobs none of which were related to my field or did they make me happy. Now I sit here typing this unemployed and trying to find my niche. It takes time and if you are in the same position that I understand that the timing of the clock may not be set for right now. Maybe the friends that you graduated with have awesome jobs and work for the best companies but understand that it was just simply their time. Your timing is just a little off and maybe this makes you UNIQUE!

If you are passionate about something make sure that passion is what you do to make yourself happy. I never thought that I would be blogging but it just clicked that writing makes me feel better! If you are struggling to figure out life after college always understand that your time will eventually come and that there is a rainbow after every storm! It helped others and it is helping me get by! If you have been through similar situations share your story! It may help others.

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She's HBCU alumni, Clark Atlanta University to be exact! Single before settling is something she encourages. This Detroit native majored in criminal justice due to the high crime rate in her city. However, while on a two year journey to find a profound career a light bulb went off. The start of blogging became her instant gratification. Success is something she dreams of! Watch her journey to find peace through perseverance by following her social media platforms! Instagram: alexislachelle_ Facebook: Alexis Morrow SC: alexis_lachelle


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