Lunch With Your Boss? – What To Talk About

imageWhen you go to lunch with your boss, the main focus is not to enjoy the delicious free food at hand. Although that is a perk, your attention should be on connecting with your boss and forming a lasting relationship and impression.

Here are some ideas on what to do at lunch with your boss. 


Stay Professional – Yea I know I’ve said it before but it still applies in every professional setting. Even during a casual lunch with your boss. You don’t have to be stuffy to be professional. Be cool calm and collected and let your confidence shine.

Let Your Boss Take the Lead – Let he/she sit down first, order first and so on. Also let your boss lead the initial conversation. Unless you know this is a business lunch, don’t assume the conversation will be all business talk. But don’t miss the opportunity to share your passion for the profession and company when the opportunity presents itself.

Which leads me into small talk. Here are some of my “can’t go wrong” tips for engaging in small talk during lunch with your boss.

1.  Get personal – Ask your boss about their family and kids. If you’ve done your research know a little about them, you can engage in conversation about the weather where they are from or that good or bad sports team in their city. Jokes are always a good look when making great impressions. Just keep them appropriate.

2.  Talk About Your Interests –  Make a connection and share your story. If you share some of the same hobbies as your boss talk about your passion for the sport. Being authentically you can get you far in maintaining strong professional relationships.

3. Ask Them About Their Story – People love to share their story, ask your boss about their route to the top. They’ll be flattered into sharing the benefit of their wisdom.

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