How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work Away From College

long distance relationshipBeing away from a significant other for just the weekend sucks, now try dealing with a long distance relationship during summer break from college, that’s the challenge. Long distance relationships can be hard in college when you are young and have a lot going on with work, classes and a social life, but it’s not impossible. Especially if you both put in the work to make it work.

Here are some tips to help make your long distance relationship while being away from college:

1. Keep it normal – Try to maintain the same level of normalcy as you did before you were apart. If you usually talk everyday, then keep that up or talk/text more. If you would have called to talk about your boring day or what you ate for lunch, do so. Small changes can seem really big when you are in a long distance relationship.

2. Be open and honest – Don’t assume your significant other will get upset about something. For example, you go hang out with a group of friends and an ex is there. Don’t try to hide where you’re going, or what you’re up to. Being honest and open can help keep your partner secure and avoid arguments while away from college.

3. Do things together – Watch TV, cook at the same time, talk while shopping… are just a few easy things you can do at the same time to keep a great connection.

4. Video chat – this is an easy one. With all the technology out having a face to face via technology can help with your long distance relationship. long distance relationship

5. Fall asleep on the phone – Yea this is throwback for real but communication is key. Late night convos are also fun and adds heat to the relationship. *hint hint*

6. Be positive – Don’t nag, don’t sweat the small stuff. Let each other know when they’re missed.

7. Make sure you’re on the same page – everyone can’t deal with a long distance relationship. Period. Make sure you know your guy/girl intentions before you waste valuable summer time when you could be single and having single people fun.

Are you in a long distance relationship this summer? What are other tips you have for making the distance work?





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