How To Make The Most Out Of A Summer Break That’s Cut Short

Everyone takes summer classes for different reasons and whether it’s to catch up, retake, or get ahead, your summer shouldn’t have to suffer just because it’s been cut short. So, here’s 5 tips to getting all the fun you can in a short amount of time.

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Don’t sleep your days away.

Believe me I know we are all beyond exhausted and warn out by the end of the spring semester and sleep is probably the only thing we want to do but don’t sleep your whole break away. Take a week or so to rejuvenate and then bounce back to it and get your summer started.

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Link up with the squad

If you’re like me you had friends that went off to different, cities, sates and maybe even countries, so make sure to plan a big squad link up once everyone is back and town. It can be something as simple as a cookout or game night just something to get the whole gang back together again and to catch up on everyone’s life because having a group message is fine but nothing beats having fun with your friends.

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Pick up a new craft

Summer is the time for new adventures so learn something new that you always wished you could do or make a goal for yourself to accomplish like reading a book or learning how to swim. Anything to stimulate the mind and body in a fun and creative way that you find interesting and not something that’s forced upon you or just find out free things to do in your city or cities nearby and do things you’ve never done before or finish what you started during the school year and lost the time to complete.

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Reflect and plan for the new school year

We don’t always end out the spring semesters like we want to, but the best part about that is it’s in the past and it’s over so you shouldn’t harp on. Instead reflect on the school year as a whole and set goals and on what you want to accomplish this year and plan on what you want/need to do differently. Also, take this time of reflection to grow better as a person all together.

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The Big Finale!

Yep you guessed it, the big turn up. Summer should always go out with a bang whether your break is short or long, you always need to end with a major lituation so plan a party, trip, kickback, get away, anything that leaves you feeling like you had the best summer ever and gets you pumped to go back to school instead of dreading it, because you feel like you didn’t get a break.


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