Meet AJMyles: The Self-Taught Music Artist and Producer Who Uses Craft To Promote Positivity and Perseverance

Growing artist AJMyles never stopped pursing his dreams of becoming an inspiring music artist and producer after years of overcoming neglect, loneliness and rejection.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, his family could not understand his music journey and it made him feel neglected, but eventually it strengthened him and made him gain more confidence in himself and his music.

“It was disappointing at times, but I never stopped moving forward,” Myles said. “My work ethic has become relentless, working on my craft almost 24 hours straight barely any food or outside interaction, simply because I wanted to be heard, I wanted that one chance.”

Beginning rapping at just 15, he began to express the hardships and challenges he was going through in life through his music. It is almost like each song is an additional chapter of his life.

“I remember the first real song I made was called “How Can You”, it was depicting the start of my life and my father not being there for my birth and how I internalized growing up,” he said.

Though some of his family was not a fan of him following the music path, some of his biggest inspirations include his older sister Lei’Ann and younger brother Nate Grooves.

Artist/Producer AJMyles with younger brother Nate Grooves.

Myles writes all of his own lyrics and says that the writing process varies and the lyrics that are produced often depend on his influence and mood at the time.

He describes himself as emotional, thoughtful and reserved and he feels like even with the music industry continuing to change, he can add all of these into his music and remain his authentic self.

Currently, some of his favorite songs that he has created would have to be Dear DiaryLate Nights and Who 2 Trust because they really give an inside look as to who he is.

“After the 90’s, a lot of music lost its sense and essence of originality, true musicianship, and sheer love for the art form of music. Its turned into a global business venture,” the 23-year-old said.

What tends to make Myles so unique is that he does not care about what any other artists is up to, yes, he has inspirations, but he’s making sure he is doing much more than just putting out music that sounds nice.

In fact, he said if he had any advice to any other upcoming artist or mainstream artists that it would be to Stay true to who and whose you are. Dare to be different.

“I’m going after souls, my dream is to reach God’s people through the gift he gave me,” he said.

He was so dedicated to use his gift that he spent many hours sitting at his computer just playing a plethora of sounds and mixing and matching drums and all sorts of instruments until he was satisfied.

“Ultimately the month and year of February 2018 makes twelve years since I first started producing so its a huge milestone,” he said.

The producer explained that the overall message that he would love for people to take away from his music is for all people to be less concerned about things of this world and to be more focused on God and self.

He also feels that it is imperative to set positive examples for the younger generation because of the influence (they) posses as artists or musicians over the minds and essential soul of the listeners.

“Being an artist means being able to express yourself creatively while invoking change and thoughtfulness into others,” said the NYC native.

Although, Myles knows he has what it takes, at times he feels that he holds himself back by not putting more music out.

He said that the reason for this is because he’s become a perfectionist to a major fault and if its not pleasing to him then he doesn’t want anyone to hear it.

“This feeling sometimes makes me feel like I want to just quit, but I’m trying to fight through it,” he said.

It does not look like he will be quitting anytime soon! In just close to a year, Myles has gained over 7K followers on social media platform Periscope, where he often shares his music, makes beats from scratch and gives encouraging words LIVE for his supporters and listeners.

If Myles had a chance to collab with any artists he says they would have to Rachelle Farrell, Andre 3000, Rance Allen, and Robert Glasper.

“I believe these collaborations would be dynamic because these individuals all have a sense of what real music is,” he said.

Another artist that he looks up to is Big Krit. Actually, one of his favorite lines from any song ever made is, “If it don’t touch my soul then I can’t listen to it.”- Big Krit.

“That is my favorite line because its literally my truth. I refuse to listen to any music that doesn’t speak to me on a spiritual level.”

In the next five years Myles says he is honestly unsure of where he’ll be as far as life and his music career, but he wants it to be wherever God leads him.

Listen to some of Myles’ latest tracks below:

Connect With AJMyles:

Periscope: @OfficialAJMyles
Instagram: @OfficialAJMyles
Twitter: @OfficialAJMyles
Facebook: @OfficialAJMyles

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”




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