Meet The Amazing Daphne Lee Our 2017 Miss Black USA


Meet Daphne Lee, Miss Black USA. She is a dancer, dreamer and a do-er that loves to give and serve others. A creature of habit, yet always wanting to try new things and push herself to be better daily. A hard-working individual who wants to make her family proud and inspire others.

We should all make a conscious effort to aspire to inspire, while also drawing inspiration and motivation for those around us in our everyday lives. “My biggest inspiration is daily life. There is so much that inspires me the moment I wake up, to music and even traveling around the world. I also love looking at women that inspire and even my own family who have done some amazing things during their life. The joys, failures, family, friends and seeing other people succeed is a great motivation and reminder that I can achieve my own goals.” – Daphne Lee

Withholding a title such as First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) or Miss Black USA, there will be plenty of people who look up to these beautiful women, from the work that they put in through their platforms, to the way they carry themselves and inspire the lives of the people they encounter well past their reign. “I think I am already making an impact through my actions, through how I express myself, and who I represent. The impact at times may not be huge, but it’s there. I may be inspiring young girls to study ballet or encourage someone to get their Masters Degree in art. There are many ways people make an impact but it’s about being genuine to how you wish to better the world. We know women are watching us be human, vulnerable, and glorious all at the same time. I personally want to make sure that people who wish to look up to me know that I am not perfect, but I am here to serve as motivation, representation, and inspiration to the next generation.” – Daphne Lee

Daphne is not only Miss Black USA, she’s also a Ballerina, Grad Student, and GoodWill Ambassadors for Sierra Leone. Each of these is demanding in their own right and it may be tough to imagine one person doing so much at once, however, Daphne has learned the art of balancing! “It’s pretty cool! I’ve learned to balance a lot while getting my undergraduate degree and being in a major company in New York so this is no different. I dance for Collage Dance Collective in Memphis TN and we prepare for shows nationally and internationally, and I work on my grad papers as soon as I get home. I balance my pageant duties because the Miss Black USA team has been in constant communication which is awesome.”
Teamwork truly does make the dream work, although Daphne has not gotten the chance to embrace her role as Goodwill’s ambassador for Sierra Leone, she plans to visit Sierra Leone and doing some volunteering work there and sight-seeing. While in the states, she wants to meet with Ambassador Bakari Stevens to talk about his country as well.

Within the next 5 years you can expect to see Daphne professionally dancing, completing her Master’s Degree in Dance, traveling around the world and hopefully embarking on new opportunities. Keep up with her and her journey as Miss Black USA at the following


Miss Black USA Instagram:

To visit her Website click here

Advice from Daphne: Something I learned thus far is to be in control of your life. Know who you want to become and take the steps to get there. I’m only 26 and have a lot more life to live. Another lesson is to take things one step at a time. I would encourage women 18 to 27 who believe they have what it takes to be the next Miss Black USA to apply. We are looking for women are smashing stereotypes, and know how to get their message across on various platforms. If you are in school full-time or will be in school full-time, we want you. If you have a talent and a story that needs to be shared, we want you. Sign up NOW at
Something you should know: Daphne and I have this in common as I Too was a pageant Queen.
“ I knew my weakest part of the competition was going to be onstage Q and A. I made sure I watched the news daily and formulated potential questions that they might answer. I also watched youtube videos of other pageant competitions for the Q and A segment, and I would pause the video right before the contestant would answer to see how to formulate my own answer.” – Daphne on preparing for Miss Black USA


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