Meet Erica Hughes HBCU Grad, Lawyer, Member of Delta Sigma Theta and Harris County Next Judge


Meet Harris County’s Next Judge: Erica Hughes, Harris County Criminal Court at Law #3

Erica Hughes has always had a passion to serve others and her community. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be an attorney and judge. There are no limits or barriers to stop her from reaching her goals in life.

The disservice to individuals being represented in the court of law, defendants, sparked the fuel for Erica to run for judge. “I view a Judicial seat as a person that serves the community that they live and work in. They must do this in an efficient and fair way, according to the law”.

As a way to combat the disenfranchised, Erica has 3 platforms she’s going to push once elected Judge.

  1. Mental Illness reform
  2. Bail reform
  3. Indigent reform

Mental health is an issue that’s swept under the rug in the black community. This is mostly due to misdiagnosis or a lack thereof. The court system deals with those who may have or claim to have a mental health issue the same as individuals that do not have mental health issues. In my opinion, there should absolutely be a different court system for those with proven mental illnesses.

“I want individuals to have equal opportunities regardless of their socio-economic status”



We must take responsibility for our own community and come to the aid of those in need. Erica wants to change the narrative of her community, no matter ones Socio-Economic status (income, education and occupation); she wants everyone to be afforded the same opportunities. Erica pulls inspiration from her mom and family. They poured positive energy into her life. They have always made a way for her to get the skills and tools she needed to fuel her passion for the law.

It’s important to surround yourself with individuals who have been where you’re trying to go. These individuals can propel you towards your dreams.

“I’ve learned that I am here to serve. Being a judge in her county isn’t the only stop for Erica, she has dreams of being a Supreme Court Justice one day!


Advice from Erica: it’s always beneficial to find someone who is on the path you’re trying to travel and seek mentorship because you will learn something from them.

It’s important to get to know all of the candidates for positions in your community. You must ask about their platforms and hold elected officials accountable according to their platform. We have the right to vote and the means to educate ourselves about those who are running for office. We must elect the right individuals into positions and create a domino effect of positive change.  This is how we can create a new narrative and ultimately a new legacy for our community.

If we truly want change within our communities we have to align ourselves with individuals who run for positions that create change. This includes the judges, police chiefs, senators, mayors etc. Challenge yourself to find the candidates with a platform that you can stand behind and help get them into those positions. Do not just vote in the Presidential Election, Local Elections Matter!

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