Meet Jasmine Chigbu Founder & CEO Of “Minorities to Majorities”

Meet Jasmine Chigbu Founder & CEO of Minorities to Majorities App. A modern renaissance woman, who has and is seeking to gain knowledge and proficiency in more than one field. Jasmine believes that knowledge is the key to success, advancement, forgiveness and acceptance. She aspires to be an example to women and people of color, showing them that they shouldn’t limit themselves or let society limit. I always say that you should do what you’re passionate about no matter and jasmine is currently following her passions in tech, activism, fashion, and science.

This app is a symbol of empowerment, the vision being this innovative app is to promote diversity and inclusion through opportunities. Throughout her life, She has found that access to various professional and educational opportunities was often very limited or not well promoted, subsequently, she decided to help develop an easy,student-friendly platform for underrepresented students to access various scholarships, internships, fellowships and more!

In a time when ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented groups are feeling minimized, helpless or forgotten this app is a tool to give us power and agency. The power to become more than what the stereotypes tell us we can be, more than a statistic and more than just average. Jasmine dream is for Minorities to Majorities inspire others to become leaders, movers, and revolutionaries in our own lives, communities, and careers.

Jasmine’s biggest motivation is her faith in God, she understands that she is put on this earth to serve a greater purpose. She knows that she’s working every day for someone and something bigger than herself and she uses that as motivation also.

Jasmine wants to impact the world and her community with her business by fostering empowerment and inclusiveness. She wants people to feel comfortable in their own skin and not hate how they look or where they’ve come from due to pressures from standard placed upon them by society. Jasmine hopes to spread a message of self-love and acceptance, ” My family keeps me going. No matter what my plans are, no matter how big my goals and aspirations may be my family has and will continue to be my greatest support system. As the child of first generation immigrants, I keep working every day because I am working to provide a better life for my family and to make my parents proud because they have sacrificed their entire lives to give me a life full of opportunities.” – Jasmine C.
Within the next 5 years, Minorities to Majorities will become a household name nationally and internationally. The brand and business will expand from providing information about various opportunities to establishing their own scholarship and mentoring programs, with the mission of inclusion and diversity through opportunities. “This mentoring program will help to offer a support system in which students will be able to receive valuable feedback, support, and guidance as they aspire to navigate their personal, professional and educational goals. I anticipate a low of growth for Minorities to Majorities in the next five years, and I am excited about the future!”

Make sure you all download the free app from the App Store and Google Play. The app offers a multitude of services ranging from:

a. We provide under-represented ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ+ and international students with information about various educational and professional opportunities, such as scholarships, internships, fellowships and business and leadership conferences. This information is available for FREE on our mobile app

b. We offer a calendar of various business and leadership conferences across the country and the globe in order to allow students and young professionals to build their professional networks.

c. We offer personalized consulting services for students, parents/guardians, etc. who may need assistance finding specific scholarships, internships, and fellowships that match up with their specific demographics, interest, and fields of study.

d. Lastly, we offer the MTM Shop which is an easy, fast, student-friendly platform to buy and sell books, furniture, supplies and more! This service is offered through our mobile app.

Follow the brand on social media:
a. Facebook Page: @MinoritiesToMajorities
b. Instagram: @MinoritiesToMajoritiesApp
c. Twitter: @MTMajorities

Advice from Jasmine: I would say hesitation is the best way to cheat yourself out of achieving your dreams. There is no perfect time to start a business, create something or follow your passion. The best time is now. A lot of people hesitate out of fear of failing but they need to realize that failure is a normal part of life. Life is too short for hesitation, that is I why I have started to live by the mentality, “Better an oops, than what if” and I encourage others to do the same. I would say work towards you goals or venture a little bit every day and you’ll see God will allow everything to fall into place.

Fun Fact: Everyday I pitch my business/brand to someone new. One thing I’ve learned is that I am my brand and one of then best ways to inform people about Minorities to Majorities and its mission is to simply tell people about it. I may pitch it to a classmate, my hairdresser, someone at the grocery store or even a potential investor, but nevertheless, I am spreading information about my business in some way. I don’t always have to pitch my business in person, sometimes it is through an email or social media. But every bit of exposure counts. – Jasmine


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