Meet Kourtney Birks and her Royal Court—Community Queens


Kourtney Birks, a Fort Worth native, had dreams similar to most young Texan girls—strutting around in those signature white boots as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. However, as she began her matriculation at New Orleans’ Dillard University, like most great ventures, her newest project began based on a need
within her community. “My freshman year at Dillard, I began noticing a vast majority of the young ladies experienced the same challenges I had in my journey to getting to college, such as a lack of resources within our community and support for wanting a higher education.” Thus was born Community Queens, a non-profit focused on allowing underprivileged high school ladies opportunities to achieve higher learning both in New Orleans and her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.

Outside of assisting the ladies with their college admission processes, Birks also organized an apparel line and an annual “We Only Succeed Giveaway”, which gifts a mini fridge to a graduating senior, male or female. Like most college students, Birks remains cognizant of the fact that it is not always possible for students to make traditional donations to their beloved HBCU. However, Community Queens serves as a platform to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the HBCU community, and it’s future graduates.
Entrepreneurship is a journey not without it’s hardships, and when asked about her take on the trials of black businesswomen, in particular, the young business owner was sure to highlight tribulations outside of colorism.

“The biggest trial I have faced while building my business has been my age. Many established business owners have trouble trusting me due to me being so young.” She
goes on to state that while this can be discouraging, she best navigates those challenges by taking it as a lesson and also interacting with other established community leaders. Through these partnerships, she is allowed to fully carry out her vision.

It is safe to say that Miss. Birks has been very successful thus far in carrying out her vision, and there is much to look forward to in the future. Beyond Community Queens, she also creates YouTube content as a way to express her more creative side. When asked about the best piece of advice she would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Birks quoted wise words from her Nana, which was to “live in your purpose, don’t worry about what others think of you. What God has for you is for you”. From the looks of it, it seems as if Nana would be mighty proud of her very own Community Queen.

If you would like to learn more about this organization, or perhaps contribute to the cause, be sure to visit Also check out their Instagram @communityqueens and follow them on facebook @communityqueens2016!


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