Meet Marcus Bowers: Genius Behind of She’s Happy Hair

Marcus Bowers, a native of Houston, Texas is the brains behind the business of She’s Happy Hair. Yass Bundles! Moreover, this gentlemen has received numerous accolades and awards as a result of his business. Marcus is a successful entrepreneur. “Being able to inspire from my platform through words, action, and experience is by far the best part of what I do.” he says. “The blue print is already laid out for you.”

Marcus does not believe in wasting time. Many of us are aspiring to be in a certain point in our careers in the next 3-5 Years. If he could look back on the college version of himself and give some advice it would be “Learn something that matters, focus more, and use your resources more.” These days it is easy to become focused on things that don’t matter or won’t benefit us in the long run, it is better to stay focused on activities that are keeping us steadily approaching our goals.

Marcus also puts a ton of value on educating yourself. “My Mom taught me that you didn’t have to be at school to educate yourself. She use to create assignments for me and my brother just to keep us busy for absolutely no reason.” he says. He plans on leaving his impact on the world by showing others a realistic pathway to success as well as encouraging life long education. By life-long education, Marcus doesn’t mean going to school for the rest of your life. However, he implies that it is imperative to educate yourself on your goals and how to successfully reach them.

Something you might not know about Marcus from his resume, is his history of travel. He has visited 4 different continents, and over 10 different countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Hong Kong and more. To top it all off, he somehow squeezes in stand-up comedy. He literally gets up every day getting to do what he loves to do, make people smile.

Marcus says in the video below, that She’s Happy Hair, fills the void. That’s exactly what entrepreneurship is about, even if you are starting a business, what makes yours stand out? What void in that industry would you fill?

You can tell Marcus’ favorite quote is something he lives by, “Be better than yesterday.” He defines inspiration as “You have to create to be great and I want to be remembered…I want to be great.”


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