Meet Sebastian Sanders The CEO Of The Sanders HAND Foundation

Sebastian Sanders is The CEO and Founder of the Sanders HAND Foundation. He is a 20-year-old junior Management Science major planning to work in operations and supply chain management. Sebastian has a passion for supporting black businesses, working with minorities, giving back, and raising awareness on the importance of education for all age groups.

Sebastian is from Alief, Houston, Texas which was the catalyst as a child for his desire to serve. More directly The Sander HAND Foundation all stemmed from a single charity event Sebastian was planning earlier this year. His desire was just to plan one event possible a basketball tournament or some type of outdoor event at a park, but “As I was drafting that event me and my girlfriend and co-founder drafted the idea and we decided to set up a whole nonprofit organization, The Sanders HAND Foundation.”


The Sanders HAND Foundation has two parts the Company which runs for profit and the nonprofit foundation. HAND is always capitalized in both to emphasize the lending hand and help they provide to the community. Specifically, The Sanders HAND Foundation targets minorities and focuses on education. They “provide minorities with the tools to be successful at life and strive not strive not only to help youth but help struggling parents as well in the community.”

Founder & CEO Sebastian Sanders states, “I feel as if social media is very powerful now and I’m using it to be a positive impact and step outside the box and give back to the community” they currently have an Instagram page  and a website where you can stay up to date on community events, future projects and campaigns, and Their scholarship fund











Like most of the events held by The Sanders HAND Foundation, The Sanders HAND Scholarship Fund was financed fully out-of-pocket. Other events they have had since Emerging in April include Hawaii Day at Park Youth Ranch in Houston, Texas.

They are currently working on many different projects but to highlight some in particular, they are preparing to partner up with other organizations to have a back to school drive as well as Holiday events during Thanksgiving and Christmas, where they will be able to go out and sponsor foster homes, help out with homeless, and sponsor a family or shelter with a Thanksgiving meal.

The Holiday events will be financed through The Sanders HAND Company’s We Care Boxes. To purchase The We Care Boxes you can sign up for $100 for a whole school year (10 months) or $20 per month and 15% of each purchase from the We Care boxes and The Sanders HAND Company will be invested into The Sanders HAND foundation and for every two boxes purchased a student in need will be given one for free.

The We Care Boxes are for students all across the nation and cater to all ages and grade levels from elementary to college. 15%  of each purchase from the We Care boxes and The Sanders HAND Company will be invested into The Sanders HAND  foundation and for every two boxes purchased a student in need will be given one for free.

In the future after Sebastian receives his 501 C3 he plans to expand his business beyond the borders of Houston and San Antonio, Texas to California and beyond. By summer 2018 the Foundation will launch its annual basketball tournament and fundraiser which will aid further plans of building a compound interactive center in Alief, Houston, Texas. The Compound Center will offer tutoring and college prep for adults and children. As well as classes for parents and mentoring for kids. It will also feature a drop-off/ donation center where people can come and receive necessities free of charge. The compound center will be open to volunteers as well.

Campus Lately and I are definitely supporting and encouraging Mr. Sebastian Sanders and his strive for greatness at the young age of 20 through philanthropy in the communities of Houston and San Antonio and we can’t wait to see how he expands and grows The Sanders HAND Foundation and Company because everyone can use a helping hand. IG @sandershandorg

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