Meet The Speakers Of The First Annual Black Collegiate Marketing Conference And The Leaders of A Generation, DomiNque Perry

Many of you may have seen DomiNque portray Tasha on Issa Rae’s Insecure, I had the pleasure of learning more about this motivating Queen with a voice that will be heard by the masses.

DomiNque is by far the most passionate about her future, she’s sacrificed so much to get to where she is and looking back isn’t an option for her in the slightest bit. This is inspiring to know that the sacrifices she’s made have prepared her for what’s to come. “I think my mother would have to be my BIGGEST aspiration, she’s soooo, so, so beautiful and so strong and just to see how hard shes went for both my sister and I and have done this as a single woman it just amazes me. I think about her and just want to give her the world or whatever piece of it I can, she makes me grind hard to see her smile.” – DomiNque Perry

5 foot 1, brown, and beautiful 💪🏽

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Your passions need fuel in order to produce the best outcome, so everyday you wake up I believe that you should fuel your passion even when it’s hard to find the motivation to keep going, and that looks and feels different to everyone. DomiNque’s fuel is dancing because she’s also a dancer, listening to soothing music, meditation and prayer. The entertainment industry is stressful so taking care of her mental health is important in order to take on the everyday tasks. The motivation to keep going comes from all of the experience she’s had in life thus far “ I think knowing that there’s a light at the end of this dark crazy tunnel I’ve been crawling through makes me keep the momentum. I’ve come way to far to stop and tuck my tail in and walk away from it would be so many years of tears and dedication wasted. My dream MUST be achieved I literally have no choice now team NO PLAN B! haha”

I love Insecure because of how raw and relatable each character is, Tasha has grown on me and I’m looking forward to her growth as a character, I always wondered if the Actresses/Actors felt the same connection to the character as we feel as viewers. “Tasha oh Tasha I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Funny that when I first read for Tasha the first thing I said was “I MUST play this girl” Me and her have so many similarities she’s a go getter in her career field not satisfied with wanting to just be a bank teller she wants to be the manager, I Dominque am not satisfied with just a few acting gigs here and there I want to be on EVERYTHING! Shes beautiful and smart, she also like I have been in a situation where she wants to be loved and she gives her love to the wrong guys at times and I think that alone is what made her relatable to so many women period. I just love what she stands for and how she carries herself. That’s my SHE-RO haha”

With acting I know that taking on certain roles The actors/ actresses learn something about themselves or emphasize more to a certain point, whether it’s tapping into something they never knew was there or stepping outside of themselves in order to deliver whatever the scene calls for, which is pretty amazing. “Ive been an actress ALL of my entire life im just now getting recognized so ill just say that haha. But I think being an aspiring actress has built so much character in me and ive realized more recently how strong I am and motivated to achieve I didn’t realize that about myself until I looked back at my life recently and was like “wow I really am still here and really am stopping at nothing im so much stronger than I thought”

Portraying Tasha, DomiNque had to boost her sexuality and confidence, “I think my sexuality had to be bumped up a notch because she’s a very sexy woman and also my confidence. And not standing for the Okie doke, letting a man know that “hey you hurt me and im not standing for that” I definitely had to think to myself like wow I need to start putting myself first more like this woman.”

This made me ask, What advice would you give your 18-year-old self from the woman you are today? “DON’T FOCUS ON THE BAD JUST LIVE GIRL! Because you WILL NOT have these youthful years back, and you are in for a wild journey ahead so smile enjoy being in school partying, having friends, dancing and all that’s coming your way right now.” The things we choose to focus on the most helps us with leaving an impact on people we come across and the ultimately leaves an even bigger impact on the world, because energy transpires. Being who you are and following your dreams will resignation far beyond your lifetime on this earth so it’s important that we strive to live our best life however we see fit. “I just would like the world to know me, know my story, I want to help change it for the better, I want to help young girls suffering from low self-esteem or just needing to hear someone who was once where they were and made it through, I want to help those around my community. I just want the world to know that I am HERE.” – DomiNque

Each year for myself I try to set goals of what I want to achieve personally, professionally and spiritually, because growth in all areas I believe creates success in the sense of accomplishing my goals. So I asked DomiNque the same, “This year I think my personal ties into my professional, I would like to take this year to focus on my Beautiful child God has blessed me with and loving on her, as WELL AS working and doing as many films, and Television as God allows me to. Spiritually this year I have already started off getting even more closer to GOD that what I already have. I just would like to keep that momentum of trusting in him and learning more about his word so I could become a better person mentally for myself and my child.”

Be sure to catch DomiNque of course on Insecure, also at the Black Collegiate conference February 8 in Houston,Texas. And we’re claiming that she’ll be in a Marvel movie as a super badass hero/villain and more roles that showcases many of her other talents and also working with Denzel Washington, F.Gary Gray, Ava Duvernay, and Quentin Tarantino.

Advice from DomiNque: things I would tell anyone that looks up to me and want to do what I’m doing are
1. Have patience
2. Have dedication
3. Have Faith

I think those 3 things is something that I have lived by thus far and have become such key things that have been added to my testimony. You have to know that it will take TIME, so don’t give up just because its hard for this amount of time a flower has to go through some dirt first before it blossoms and becomes beautiful. And definitely faith. Everyone isn’t religious but for those who are you HAVE TO KNOW that God knows what he’s doing and it’s not in your time its in HIS. KEEP IT GOING. And also don’t compare your life to others and think you are not doing as well as the next person. You ARE and you WILL this is YOU LIFE AND YOUR TESTIMONY it makes you so much more humble when you go through some things to get to where you want to be.


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