Meet The Speakers Of The First Annual Black Collegiate Marketing Conference And The Leaders of A Generation, Outspoken Bean

With some of his biggest influences being Suzan Lori Parks, Robert Wilson and Tupac Shakur, poet, writer and mentor Emanuelee Bean, better known as Outspoken Bean, knew his passion for poetry would be the way he would inspire not only himself, but people in his community.

Bean grew up in San Antonio, Texas as a child of military parents. By the age of eight he started writing poetry and knew it was a talent he wanted to share by the way people responded to him.

Where does he gain inspiration from when writing?

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“My work is inspired by the conversations I have with people, and because I have a lot of them that usually sparks where my poetry is going to come from,” said Bean.

Bean likes to think of his performances as “poetic kumbaya.”

“I want people to find something meaningful to them through us meeting or seeing me perform. If they find laughter, great. If they find love, great. If they find enlightenment, even better. I’m really good at bringing people together in some of the most awkward positions while on stage,” stated Bean.

I maybe doing this poem tomorrow at @wanpoetry or I maybe doing a new one ‍♂️

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Bean performed spoken word for the first time in 2005. After high school he attended Prairie View A&M, and by his senior year he founded and coached the first poetry slam team. They went on to win the title in their region and placed 8th in the country at the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational in 2008.

By 2011 he was the nominee for the Texas Poet Laureate. In 2013 he ranked 9th in the individual World Poetry Slam and 2nd in collaborative poetry at Group Piece Finals. In 2014 he ranked 9th at the National Poetry Slam.

Bean has a humanitarian spirit and with that he became a mentor and created a program called Meta-Four Houston.

Me talking and poetrying

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“This has been a gift because it puts me in conversations with young people where they trust me, and I trust my input. I get to talk to them about identity, racism and personal relationships they may have. There’s been many of times where young people come to me with the weight of the world on their shoulders. I can’t take it off, but it’s easier to examine something that large with another set of eyes especially if you trust them,” said Bean.

Bean is already living his dream by simply being able to live off his craft. This is a dream many of us aspire to achieve one day.

His ultimate goal is to always compound on the last goal he met. He wants to be able to use his skills and bring himself into fields such as producing festivals, touring and educating. Bean aims to create a lane for poetry and poets alike, so they can sustain income from their craft.

As a cusp of Taurus and Gemini, 31-year-old Emanuelee Bean would like to give his college self the advice of staying slow to anger and know that your craft is business.

Fun fact: his favorite poem now is Convenient Stores by Buddy Wakefield

His social media is @outspokenbean and you can check some of his work out on @plusfest

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