Meet The Three Men Behind Revolutionary App #XPRESS, Connecting HBCU Students Both Past & Present

The XPRESS app allows you to video chat with random students & alumni from your college!  Sign up with your college, enter the video chat search, connect with a random student or alum who is also searching, video chat for 30-seconds, then go to the next random person. This is a fun way to get campus engaged and build more authentic relationships! HBCU students & alumni are invited to join College Primetime on XPRESS every night at 7pm ET / 6pm CT. This app provides an ecosystem for young people to have the most impactful conversations of these times!
  • Brandon N. Crawford: UX Developer // Chief Operating Officer of XPRESS // B.B.A. Computer Information Systems from Howard University (Aug. 2012 – May 2016)
  • Malcolm S. Hentz: Android Developer // Chief Executive Officer of XPRESS
  • Myles D. Hentz: iOS Developer // Chief Technology Officer of XPRESS

About #XPRESS Founders

  • Malcolm S. HentzMyles D. Hentz, and Brandon N. Crawford are African-American mobile app creators from Memphis, TN. The trio attended the same high school and grew closer following the death of the Hentz twins’ older brother due to gang violence.


  • Following high school graduation, Brandon moved to Washington, D.C. to attend Howard University and the Hentz twins moved to Boston, MA to attend Emmanuel College. After two years of adjusting to college and searching for life’s meaning, the three returned to Memphis, TN in May 2014 to embark on an unimaginable journey.


  • The shooting of innocent Black teen, Trayvon Martin, was the top news then. This was the catalyst for Brandon and the Hentz twins to figure out how to secure a better future despite racism and socio-economic disadvantages. As the three pondered world-changing solutions, while playing video games, Malcolm Hentz asked: “Why do we have so many social networks and followers, but don’t actually talk to anyone?” That’s when the idea of video chatting with random people from your college or other social networks was born!


  • After almost three years of trial & error, the team did all software design and development for the February 2017 launch of XPRESS! The company’s vision is to provide a platform that promotes the most impactful conversations among humanity.

Download free app for iOS and Android!


Co-founder IG + Twitter: @xclusivebrand

XPRESS IG + Twitter: @xpressmobtech

YouTube: @XPRESS Video Chat

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