Meet Tierra Chapman CEO Of TJC Entertainment and Prairie View A&M University Student

I recently spoke with a young entrepreneur hailing from Dallas, Texas, Tierra Chapman, who has been able to discover her passion and purpose and even make a business of it as well. Chapman is a Mass Communications Major Prairie View A&M State University who has used her love of helping others and public speaking to shine her positive light for the world. Chapman was recently named as the recipient of the Queen of the Hill award at the 2nd annual PV Girls Rock awards. Chapman has expanded her brand this year by launching her website: Chapman went into more depth on her journey as an entrepreneur during our interview, and why her work is so important to her.

Q: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? Why is the work you are doing so important?


A: Being an entrepreneur means creating your own lane and thriving in it.  What I do is important because everything I do I’m using my gift to break barriers one mic at a time.  From announcing at halftime, hosting events to singing,  I use my voice to bring people together.


The road to success is not an easy and Chapman has truly found this to be true. But she made it through by using what she learned at her HBCU and grew her brand.


Q: Describe the last time you felt like stopping why didn’t you?


A: The last time I felt like stopping was when I had only 75 cents in my account for about three months.  I felt extremely overlooked and stuck in a place where the louder I screamed,  the fewer people listened. I learned everybody loves your gift until it’s time to pay for it. However, when I looked back on the memories I made and how many people I inspired, I instantly get the strength to move forward. When parents tell me their children want to come to college after meeting me,  it proves that God had a plan that’s bigger than myself.



Q: What role did your HBCU play in where you are now in life?


A: Prairie View A&M University truly exposed me to a life that proved I was worth more than my circumstances. I learned to use my fears and my passions to challenge myself to go beyond my potential. From joining the Marching Storm to becoming its voice and a notable MC; my experience as an entertainer taught me to stop second guessing myself.  I established my vision for my company TJC Entertainment and for myself as “TT On The Mic. Had I never came to Prairie View, I wouldn’t have known how powerful my voice is.


Tierra Chapman has begun to expand her brand, and did it in her own way by defining what it means to be an entrepreneur to her.


Q: Your most recent entrepreneurial endeavor has been the Make Some Noise Apparel, what led you to create such a platform?


A: The apparel line was inspired by my movement #MakeSomeNoise. In every performance, I always say the phrase and it has moved hundreds of thousands of fans.  But, the meaning behind it is where the purpose truly lies. Throughout my journey as an entertainer and entrepreneur, my passion was always to challenge the society’s unrealistic standards and stereotypes. The stereotypes that have been used to depict the image women of color in the entertainment industry are pinned with. For years, my voice was rejected, I was told my look wasn’t marketable because of sexual things including my size. So, after receiving criticism after one of the most monumental performances with the Marching Storm in Atlanta, I decided to add a powerful meaning to behind a simple phrase.


Q: Through your years of being an entrepreneur what has been your biggest accomplishment in your opinion?


A: In my opinion, my biggest accomplishment was learning what it truly means to believe in myself.  After I stopped rejecting myself before even giving myself a chance,  I blossomed into a beautiful woman who made her dreams tangible. In result, I’ve heard so many testimonies about how my personality, spirit, and voice encouraged others to be themselves, go to school, or follow their dreams despite the obstacles they have faced.


Q: How would you describe the relationship of showcasing your skills and entrepreneurship, and why did you choose to combine the two?


A: As an entrepreneur,  I use TJC Entertainment as my platform to use my talents to provide services to my clients and build stronger relationships with my fan base.  As an entertainer,  I take the opportunities I’ve  gained to bring awareness to my company and my movement.  I would describe my experience as eye-opening and I’ve learned everything is trial and error. I decided to combine the two because they go hand in hand.  I feel like as an independent artist and even with the challenges,  I know that gaining all the experience will help prevent me from being manipulated later.


Q: What advice would you give to others seeking to become entrepreneurs?


A: Make a plan,  but be prepared if things don’t go as planned.  Pay attention to the people who do and don’t support you.  Don’t tell big dreams to little thinkers.  Never compromise your character, dignity, or morals to get further.  Never forget why you started your business and use your message and target audience to keep you inspired when you feel like giving up.


Tierra Chapman is the true essence of what it means to be a productive panther. Her work touches the hearts of others and encourages them to follow their dreams; in Chapman’s words “to minister to others ..”

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