MUA does Blackface Make-Up “For The Culture”

Once again, having a black face is trending the internet…surprise, surprise. This time, make up artists are turning white women black with the swipe of a brush. MUA @paintdatface obviously expected the blacklash as she posted the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures of her white face into a black one. Her disclaimer caption stated that the point of her make-up wasn’t a race change but rather a woman acknowledging, embracing and celebrating the beauty of another woman’s culture.

It was for the culture huh?

She went on to say it was the proudest she had ever been of her work.

Once Twitter got a hold of the photos…it was a wrap.

Just in case you’re still wondering what the “big deal” is, let’s take it back. Blackface make-up originally was a layer of burnt cork on top of either cocoa butter or grease on the face. It was accompanied by exaggerated red lips, similar to that of today’s circus clowns. In the 19th century, white audiences would not allow black entertainers on stage without Blackface make-up. From bulging eyes to knotted hair and big backsides, black form and build was mimicked and use for white entertainment, jokes even.

Still funny?

The worst part about it, is that the trend is actually sticking. Make-Up Artists and Models across the nation are starting to cover themselves in shades of brown to achieve an appearance only obtained by the magic of melanin.

Same girl. BTW.

Most don’t understand that our music was stolen, our history erased, our hairstyles stolen, our ideas taken, culture stolen….and now our face? I can think of a million ways to better “celebrate” black culture and not one of them begins with a white face.

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