Netflix Series “Girl Boss” Depicts The Millennial Entrepreneur Perfectly

We loved all of the ups and down “Girl Boss” took us through while watching a young woman give everything she had to start her own business. The Netflix comedy series, starring Britt Robertson, chronicles Sophia Amoruso’s very realistic journey to establishing her multimillion-dollar fashion business, Nasty Gal.  Many Millennial entrepreneurs can relate to our top 12 entrepreneur moments from Girl Boss.


  1. We as millennial’s have a lot to say and honestly, we think we know more than we actually do. 
  2.   We all believe there has to be more. That belief is what drives us to keep going and not stop as entrepreneurs.
  3. We can all relate to faking until you make it. Nine times out of ten you’ll surprise yourself and find that you are a lot more badass than you gave yourself credit.
  4. We are at the stage where you begin to see yourself. Good, bad or indifferent Self-realization takes place at this stage.
  5. Tell me this isn’t the main goal?
  6. Emotional roller coaster is the name of the game. As we fight for our business we are still faced with the realities of love and relationships. 
  7. You can not build a successful business without taking a hard look at yourself. Take time to improve “YOU”
  8. The whole process of creating, failing, learning, getting back up, growing and building your business is an experience like none other.
  9. The struggle is real, but we have figured out a way to struggle and live at the same time.
  10. Damn right you have it all figured out and what you don’t have you will figure out.
  11. We need mentors and guidance. We identify that we don’t know it all we just don’t let that stop us.
  12. We are all doing it our own way!

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