New Campaign Launched at Morgan State Spotlights LGBTQ Life on HBCU Campuses

Morgan State University has partnered with Many Voices, a Black church movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) justice. screen_shot_20160506_at_12.02.55_pm.png.CROP.rtstory-large.02.55_pm

Scene from the Video “My God Too: Black LGBTQ Students Speak OUT”

They have created a video campaign, titled “My God Too: Black LGBTQ Students Speak OUT.” The video features interviews of 10 MSU LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ ally students, who share their personal stories. They discuss how they have been impacted by traditional Black Church teachings regarding gender and sexuality that are pervasive on campus. The students have a hopeful vision of what is possible if the Black community chooses to engage in social justice awareness at the intersection of sexuality, gender, and spirituality.

Rev. Cedric Harmon, Executive Director of Many Voices, said, “We feel it is important to hear from students who have their fingers on the pulse of college life. Major life decisions are made in college about which career paths to pursue and the ways in which one chooses to express themselves in the world. We wanted to explore how messages from the church impact and influence the campus experience of Black LGBTQ youth, and we hope this video will sensitize our Black community to the longing Black LGBTQ youth feel for a spiritual home. Indeed, God belongs to Black LGBTQ youth too.” ~

There are 105 HBCUs across the country. According to a report released by the University of Pennsylvania, only 21 have LGBT student organizations.

Is it time for HBCU’s to do more?


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