New Edition Movie Depicts Story Accurately & We Have The Pic’s To Prove It


Bobby, Rickey, Michael, Ralph, Ronnie and Johnny Gill. When you hear those names, you can only think of one the greatest boy bands, New Edition. Thanks to BET, they recently released a biopic about New Edition from “Candy Girl” up until their 2005 performance at the Bet Awards show. This movie came out at a great time for the adults that grew up listening to “Cool It Now“ and to let the new generation learn some music history. Now usually during a biopic, the actors try to look similar identical to the actual person.  In my opinion, the casting director did a pretty good job with the chosen cast members. Check out some pictures of the actual members from New Edition and the actors that played them in the BET movie.

We definitely have to commend the young men who portrayed New Edition as their younger selves. The first picture shows the real members before Johnny Gill was added to the group to make five members. The next two pictures from top to bottom show the actual group and the young actors who portrayed them in the BET movie.



There were some new and similar faces in the cast of the older version of New Edition. Everyone know Hakeem Lyon from Empire or Bryshere Y. Gray. We cannot forget about the musical talent, Mr. Luke James. Do you think BET did a good job with picking the cast members to look like the actual members of New Edition?


(Top left to right: Woody McClain as Bobby Brown, Bryshere Y. Gray as Michael Bivins; Middle left to right: Algee Smith ask Ralph Tresvant, Keith Powers as Ronnie DeVoe; Bottom left to right: Elijah Kelley as Ricardo Bell and Luke James as Johnny Gill)

The costumes were on point from head to toe. Hopefully, we can get more movies to


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