A New Years Eve To Remember

New Years is probably one of the most forgetful memories a person can have, we get all dressed up to get all messed up, while having the times of our lives. We wake up the next day at 2 pm recollecting our night off of snapchat stories and seeing how many likes our outfit got on Instagram. With a trashcan by our bedside, a sprite or ginger ale, and a moment of confusion as to how we even made it home, we can officially start Our New Year.


Statistics show that New Years Eve is one of the times where drug and alcohol abuse are most relevant and that one in six American adults binge drinks four times per month, averaging eight drinks in a binge drinking period. Now,

I know what you’re say ” I know my limits” or ” I only drink enough to get tipsy”, but ask yourself how many times have you told yourself this and still woke up forgetful after a night of partying or maybe even just with a hangover?

Sober Eve, is Houston’s very first ever pop up sober night club. Its annual debut will be hosted at, as well as sponsored by The Story Houston (3471 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77027)  this New Years Eve, December 31, 2017. Sober Eve was Co-Founded by Business Development specialist Sarah Bolton and Bre Brown, one of Houston’s youngest professionals in the mental health and addiction field.










Sarah Bolton is a 34 year old a mom, artist, entrepreneur, Business Development Specialist  for Serenity Light Recovery, and has been sober for 3 1/2 years. Serenity Light Recovery is a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility for persons struggling with the disease of chemical addiction. Sarah says, ” Working for Serenity Light Recovery allows me to  be a member, supporter and advocate, for the recovery community.”

Sarah met Bree this past Super Bowl season in Houston, Texas at an event called “SoberBowl SuperFest”. As Sarah likes to say, “Bree is 21 and getting stuff done”, working as a Community Outreach Director for The Lovett Center, “a mental health primary and dual disorder outpatient facility, providing an environment for  therapeutic healing”, Bree has a passion for being an ally and advocate for mental health and those in the recovering community.


Although, Sarah and Bree might be share many differences and work for different companies, they still work for the same industry and share the same passions, and if I can say so myself they have a  connection personally and professionally . So, let’s take a look inside what both ladies had to say about their New Venture.

Interviewer: So How did Sober Ever Get Started?

Bree:  Sarah and I work in the same industry at different companies,  and so our companies collaborate a lot. At the beginning of the year there was an event called “Soberbowl” – a sober Super Bowl celebration and I realized that there pop up events were kind of the theme during that time and caused a lot of attraction in the city. So, at that moment it hit me that we need to have  something like this more than the every 5 or ten years that the Super Bowl comes to town. So, I started asking around and it just so happened that Sarah  had been planning a new years eve  event that correlated with the pop up event I wanted to do and that’s how it all began.  


Interviewer: What made you all so passionate about this cause?

Sarah: When I was I college I didn’t even know it was possible to even party without alcohol. I was drinking heavily from the time I was in high school until I was about 31. As a result, I got arrested in college 3 different times and, although I managed to keep my GPA up for scholarships, I was really miserable. I was constantly waking up not knowing where I was or how I got there and during this time people didn’t have camera phone or social media so, my night would unfold by getting pictures developed the next day and  that’s how I saw what actually happened. I was living my life in guilt and shame questioning what I had done or  who I was with? I was a hot mess, because of that I want people to know that you can party hard without alcohol and remember it.  So, with SoberEve  we’ve created a space where people could still get the club atmosphere  feel comfortable not drinking.

Bree: Although I’m not in recovery, I’m really excited to be able to provide an alternative for those in recovery or simply those people that just don’t want to have a hangover (laughs). I also want to show that there are more ways to celebrate New Years and the holidays.
Interviewer: What is one setback you see in a mega-city like Houston for people in recovery?

Bree: Within the African American community especially,  there is a large stigma around addiction and mental health and within our community we have to continue to get the word out, because representation is important to decrease the stigma. If people see people like them stepping out there and being an image for causes that they can relate to, they’ll feel more open and comfortable about it. Also, There is a false assumption that there aren’t other options to celebrate other than hitting a club, but there are other alternatives that are  actually fun, and  Huffington Post even listed Houston as one of the top 10 places to be sober in. So, its really all about spreading that knowledge in our communities.


Interviewer: Do either of you identify as entrepreneurs?

Sarah: Most definitely, I have A little hustle on the side called,  Sarah Lenee Art.  I was an Art major for two semesters, but I gave it up because I thought it was just a “childhood dream” and changed my major to Communication and have been working  been in sales ever since. Ultimately, once I got sober, that childhood dream resurfaced and I  started a small business, selling my original artwork.

Bree: This would be my side thing. Building Sober Ever and growing this into possibly its own non-profit, because this is definitely like a job.


Interviewer: What are you ladies plans for the future?

Bree: We would love to put on events for all holidays that are associated with drinking, but for now we currently are gonna keep fostering and developing on New Years and making this as big as possible , secure this then expand.


Make sure you stay connected with Bree and Sarah, and if you’re going to be in the Houston area for New Years Eve, make sure you celebrate at Sober Eve. Tickets are $5 and the proceeds will be going to SRC, Sober Recreation Committee

You can follow Sober Eve on facebook and instagram @SoberEveHTX for all updates and more information.






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