Nicki Minaj Vs Remy Ma……. Play By Play

Who else needs a full play by play with the whole Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef?


So, apparently Nicki thought Remy was taking shots at her in some of her recent freestyles during a press run, so Nicki did what any rapper would have done. She hoped on the track with Gucci and took some shots of her own. Let’s be honest though, we all been thinking Remy was throwing shots.

Press Play


“Oooohhh, oh you the qu-e-e-the queen of this here?

One platinum plaque, album flopped, b****, where? (B**** where)

Hahaha, ahhhhh

I took two bars off just to laugh

You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap

You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques

S, plural like the S on my chest

Now sit your dumb a** down

You got an F on your test”

Nicki pressed buttons with these lyrics for sure and that’s when all hell broke loose…


Remy Ma released a SEVEN minute diss track entitled “shETHER.” Now if you know anything about rap/hip-hop and beef then you know where she got that name from, but we won’t speak on that legendary beef.

Press Play


“Now you got die, you dearly departed

Blood bath when I catch you, a real red carpet!

Now what I’ma do, Ima just stick to the facts

B**** so scared of my future, got this b**** going backwards

Been through mad crews, you disloyal hoochie

Now all of a sudden you back with Drake and Tunechi

After he said you sucked his d***, you back with Gucci?

Who next, Puff, Deb or Fendi? You a A-list groupie

And to be the Queen of Rap, you gotta actually rap

The whole industry know that your s*** is a wrap

No, to be the Queen of Rap, you can’t have a ghostwriter

And that’s why this is my house, Flo Rida”


Remy Ma had social media going crazy after her diss dropped and she even sparked some tension between Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz.

In the song Remy stated that Nicki and Trey had sexual relations. Nicki denied, denied denied and Trey did too, but you know people ran with it.

While Remy remained silent after her diss record Nicki took to Instagram.

We have yet to hear a response from Nicki, but we’re all hoping she says something. People are already guaranteeing that Nicki Minaj takes an L on this one. I don’t know about that though. Nicki Minaj has bars. Let’s be honest and let’s not forget who’s been holding down the female Rap game by herself this whole time. Nicki can hang with the best of them and got more bars than some male rappers, so let’s give credit where it’s due. The only thing that has changed is the fact that now Nicki has competition. We all know Remy is never going to sell like Nicki did or does, but that doesn’t count her out as competition. Remy is definitely competition for her. This isn’t a T.I. and Lil Flip rap beef they both can hang with the big dawgs.

Even Actress/Writer/Producer Issa Rae has hope for Nicki.

While we’re all excited about this beef because it’s been a long time since we had an actual beef where both people had actual bars let’s not forget the obvious. Meek Mill is the biggest cornball EVER! “we were rooting for you” -Tyra Banks voice


I guess Drake was right when he said “N***** talk more than b****** these days”

Sound off in the comments who do y’all think is the Queen of Rap? Team Nicki or Team Remy

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  • barbie slayerr Reply

    February 27, 2017 at 12:48 PM

    Minaj is a pop act. There is nothing rap about her, she’s a Lil’ Kim clone. Unoriginal. everything she’s done, Kim already did. And NICKI starts beef with every female rapper, she wants to be the only one. But since her ghost writer Safaree left she ain’t had any “hits”. it took Flop print 2 years to even be certified platinum and that’s because she cries to the judge to have streams counted as sales lol Nicki started the Remy beef, Remy destroyed her. Nicki has no bars. She’s washed.

  • Peter Goose Reply

    April 10, 2018 at 7:52 AM

    There is just no comparison. Remy Ma is simply better than her.

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