No Candles No Problem! 9 Smell Good Alternatives For Your Dorm

Most college dorms don’t allow you to bring candles because they can be hazardous. Nobody want to be the person who sets off the fire alarm at 5:34 am Sunday night/Monday morning, you don’t want to walk into a room that doesn’t smell great either especially if your into aroma therapy. I found NINE alternatives to candles that keeps your room smelling good and that also comply with dorm regulations.

1. Reed Diffuser–car/flameless-fragrance/reed-diffusers/_/N-8df

2. Electric Oil Warmer

3. Electric Wax Warmer

4. WallflowerPlugin

5. Glade Scented Oil Plugin

6. Glade Solid Air Freshener

7. Potpourri

8. Glade Automatic Spray

9. Incense (you may want to ask)


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