Obama Talk: Checkout what these college students had to say about Obama

Myles Patterson

“I think President Obama did a great job over the past 8 years. As the old saying goes, the numbers never lie:  the statistics reveal a number of positive changes including drastic drops in unemployment rates and percentages of uninsured Americans, among other things. He stepped into the White House 8 years ago with most of his peer’s against him and fighting to oppose every decision he made, and despite that he still managed to bring about much of the change he claimed he would bring. Was his presidency perfect? Of course not, but then again, whose was?”

– Myles Patterson, Junior, Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University –  

Taylor Mitchell-Smith

“It has been an honor to have experienced such a lovable, comedic, and driven leader of this era, also known as Barack Obama. His accomplishments vary, bringing back joy and laughter to this country. Obama has been nothing but a positive influence to the citizens of the U.S. and their families.”

-Taylor L. Mitchell- Smith, Junior, Mass Communication, Grambling State University-

Jonathan Givan

“Obama was one of the greatest and historical presidents that ever lived. Not only do you have to account that he was the first African American president, but his presidential efforts went above and beyond any president that the American people have ever seen in my opinion. Given the crisis he had to take on in 2008, he brought us out of the largest economic recession, fought against terrorism and won, bailed out the auto industry, fought against gun laws, and created Obamacare which is helping millions of Americans.”

– Jonathan Givan, Senior, Graphic Design, University of Alabama at Birmingham-

Florida Franklin

“President Obama was an overall supporter of U.S. citizens, but what I love most about him is that he supported higher education. As a college student, I appreciated Obama’s effort to make college more affordable.  His efforts in education funding  produced one of the largest investments in student aid since the G.I. Bill. He also created the “Obama loan forgiveness program” which legislation passed to assist student loan borrowers. Another gesture that him and First Lady, Michelle Obama, made was making time in their busy schedules to deliver commencement speeches. CNN reported that Obama has traveled to colleges and  high schools in Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, New York, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, Massachusetts, California and South Dakota to deliver commencement remarks.  Michelle Obama has also delivered nearly 25 commencement speeches. This is absolutely outstanding.”

-Florida Franklin, Graduate Student, Public Administration, Southern University in Baton Rouge-


“I wouldn’t say Obama was the best President of the United States, but I can honestly say he did his best with what he had to work with. We assassinated Osama Bin Laden which was something we weren’t capable of doing under the Bush administration. The reason Obama couldn’t bring USA to its full potential is because of his relationship with Congress, but even with that liability, the U.S. is still in a better place than it was 8 years ago.”

– Patrick Jones, Senior, Accounting, Southeastern Louisiana University. –

Rana Williams

“ I feel that his intentions were in the right place, although I don’t feel he was perfect. He bailed out Wall Street, which I did not agree with or feel was the smartest move. He attempted to make healthcare affordable by trying to model us like our European neighbors, but we are more of a Capitalist society, we are not a social state. Although, he did do some great things that I did agree with, one being repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the law prohibiting gay and lesbian people from serving openly in the military. People in 2008 and 2012, were looking for a change, everybody wanted something different, and I admit, he was a great speaker, he preached hope and change, but has anything really changed since then?”

– Rana Williams, Senior, Criminal Justice, Grambling State University. –

DeMarcus Mitchell

-DeMarcus Mitchell, Senior, Music Education, Grambling State University. –

“Obama was a pretty good president, he created affordable healthcare and he assisted in reducing gas prices, although, I wish he had done more for the African American community.”-




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