Police Find No Evidence of Hazing in Buffalo State Student’s Death




The death of Bradley Doyley, a Buffalo State senior, does not appear to be related to hazing according to police sources.

According to The Buffalo News, an autopsy report by the Erie County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that there were no signs of foul play. The exact cause of death for Brooklyn native Bradley Doyley is not expected to be known until toxicology tests are completed, and that could take upward of four months.

The family however, have not entirely ruled out hazing.

The family’s attorney stated, “If that is the conclusion of police, they have come up with it much too early. I’ve only been involved in this case since Saturday, and from what students have said, I felt it was necessary to hire a retired FBI agent to investigate and follow-up on the death,” Elmore said. “Whatever we find out, we will certainly turn over to police.”

Doyley’s death has now been classified as “investigation pending” and based on preliminary reports, police sources have stressed that Doyley’s death has nothing to do with hazing.

Whispers from campus have previously stated Doyley was made to drink a toxic concoction, sewer water or moldy food.

We’re hoping the toxicology report sheds some light on this unfortunate tragedy. Continued prayers are with the family.


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