Professor Candice Bridge, Howard Alumni Earns $324K Grant to Research Rape Investigation Methods


Professor Candice Bridge is the definition of #blackgirlmagic.

She was recently awarded a large grant to improve techniques for investigating rape. Candice Bridge, an educator at the University of Central Florida, received $324,000 from the National Institute of Justice to review methods for catching suspects of sexual-assault crimes aside from DNA evidence.

The grant will give Bridge access to exclusive tools utilized by the FBI and a few government laboratories. 11 students will get an opportunity to gain hands on experience reviewing sex lubricants, study toxicology, drugs and gunshot debris.

5 More Reasons Professor Candice Bridge is the Essence of #blackgirlmagic

  1. Candice has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Howard University. #HBCU
  2. Candice has a Ph. D in forensic science from the University of Central Florida, UCF – Making her the first African-American to earn that degree.
  3. Candice is also the first black female to teach chemistry at both of her alma maters!!
  4. She received the In-House Award from UCF which will allow her to research the ways the body breaks down lubricants before forensic investigations can occur.
  5. She is creating a website through the Orlando Public Defender’s Office that will give defense lawyers and prosecution more resources about forensic science analysis.



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